Our Services

Software Support

        A team of programmer-analysts and accountants are at your service to hold Impact/Pro 2000 and Impact/Pro RESTO to your specific needs.  We are at your service for training, for advising in your operations in regards to ImpactPro/2000 and Impact/Pro RESTO or for any other general or specific questions.


       A complete team of technicians are available for you and your questions.

Web Site Creation

        We build web sites that reflect your company's image with your logo, your marketing tools with the goal of making you more visible on the market.

        We can also interface with MySql databases for on-line ordering, annoucments and other applications.

For more information, contact our service department at (514) 745-SIRC / (514) 745-7475 or E-MAIL us at the followingE-Mail  address support@sirc.com