Who are we ?

Incorporated in 1980, S.I.R.C. is a major force in the Montreal Business World. Pioneer of  the UNIX and LINUX based technology, S.I.R.C. is dedicated to give itís customers the most recent developments.

Our Customers, in distributing, in manufacturing, in restoration Ö..

An efficient service department, available and fast, will ensure your computer equipment is always fine tuned.

An experienced technical-software team will be able to answer your "immediate" questions as well as any demands you may have for the future.

Your current data accumulated on your computer system will easily be converted to your new system with the help of our data conversion department.

A web site development experienced team with a MySql databases  know-how.

The S.I.R.C. team has minimum 20 years seniority.

A human, dynamic and understanding admin department.